Open Source Visual Builder for Web & Emails

Chai Builder is an open-source project, built on top of Tailwind CSS framework and React. Create beautiful UI for both web and emails with easy to use builder.

Integrates easily with any framework supporting React

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Chai Builder allows you to build a fully featured website or email builder. Some of the key features of the builder.

Built on Tailwind CSS

Utilize Tailwind CSS for streamlined styling and responsive design. Keep your web projects visually appealing with minimal effort.

React Support

Works well with any React based framework. Simply install Chai Builder packages and render the builder in your application

Data Binding

Allows connection with external data sources like CMS, ensuring real-time updates. Keep your design projects synchronized with dynamic content.

Web & Email Blocks

Use pre-built blocks to create stunning web and email designs quickly. Enhance your productivity with reusable components.

Easy to integrate

Seamlessly integrate with various tools and platforms for a smooth workflow. Simplify the process of incorporating new features into your projects.

Extensible Framework

Expand and customize your builder to meet specific project requirements. Adapt and grow your framework as your needs evolve.

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