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Chai Builder is an open-source React npm package that lets developers easily add a drag-and-drop page builder, featuring pre-built components and responsive design, perfect for creating marketing and landing pages.
> npx chaibuilder-app new-site

Seamlessly integrate with any framework or platform that supports ReactJS.


Unlock a suite of powerful tools designed for modern web development. ChaiBuilder brings collaboration, customization, and creativity to your fingertips.
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Visual Builder

Craft your site with precision using our intuitive drag-and-drop visual editor that brings your designs to life effortlessly.

Collaborative Editing

Team up and streamline your workflow with collaborative features like page locks, ensuring a harmonious design process.
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Extensible Framework

Tailor ChaiBuilder to meet your unique needs. Our flexible architecture allows for customization and scalability.

Custom Blocks

Create bespoke elements with our custom block feature, giving you the freedom to innovate beyond templates.
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Connect External Data

Enhance your site’s functionality by connecting to external data sources, enabling dynamic content and real-time updates.

Integrate External Tools

Boost your site’s capabilities by integrating with tools like analytics, forms, and CRM systems, creating a robust digital ecosystem.
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Our Roadmap

Here's a glimpse of what you can expect in upcoming updates
  • Canvas Drag & Drop 

    Easily drag and drop elements onto your canvas for quick and efficient page building.
  • Generative AI

    Leverage AI to automatically generate content, designs, and layouts based on your input.
  • Realtime Collaboration

    Collaborate with team members in real-time, seeing updates and changes instantly.

Starters to get you moving

Use our starters to get started with Chai Builder. Unleash your creativity.
Get Started with Chai Builder & NextJS. 
Get started with Chai Builder & Gatsby.

Your Support Drives ChaiBuilder Forward

If you like the project, you can assist us in expanding. ChaiBuilder is a collaborative endeavor crafted by developers in their free time. We value every contribution, no matter how modest, as each one represents a significant step forward in various ways, particularly in fueling our drive to enhance this tool continually.
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